Joel Spolsky claims the 'Program Manager' role does UI design... ????

10 Mar 2009 - 5:23am
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This post and the reactions on the list demonstrate very clearly the need
for intense communication to related communities. I am working mostly in
enterprise environments in Europe, and there it is still quite normal that
UX work is been done by business analysts and developers without naming it
UX or anything similar. More than 50% of my work consists of educating
clients and partners about my profession and its value to an IT project.

Some ideas from posters before point in the right direction, such as
- giving an appropriate response to articles like this
- less IxD/IA title and competency wars (noone out there understands the
difference anyway)
- approaching publications such as CIO and magazines related to software
developments development

What else can be done to raise awareness and to simplify/communicate the

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