Does field label alignment matter in using colons after field labels

24 Feb 2009 - 8:58am
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Hey everyone,
I was thinking about this more since a form without colons appears so
naked and unguided to me. Perhaps it is the type of field label
alignment that we are using. I wanted to inquire whether the field
alignment has something to do with your decisions to use/not use colons.
I can definitely see that they're unnecessary for top-aligned fields and
possibly for right-aligned fields, but for left-aligned fields (which
Luke W says is recommended for a Western culture who prefer a hard edge,
and especially if you want the users to think more about the information
they're inputting (which as a bank that makes decisions based on the
accuracy of this information, we do!), where the input textbox might be
farther away from the label depending on the other label lengths, it
seems like it guides the eye towards the input textbox.

Thanks again for your great feedback.

Courtney Jordan

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