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22 Feb 2009 - 8:18pm
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Mario Bourque

Now that the dust has settled down a bit, I'd like to formalize a group to
lead the Regional Workshop initiative.

During the local leaders workshop at Interaction09, I proposed a format
where one or more local groups could come together and put on a weekend
workshop. This would fill the middle space between local events and the
yearly conference. It would continue the tradition of the grassroots
approach of our organization, and give us a new way to continue building the
organization and bring in new members. Not only is this a way to grow the
organization internationally where it may not be viable to host a full blown
Interaction conference, but can also help strengthen ties from existing
groups and add more value to those that exist not only in North America, but
around the globe.

I would like to form a small team of a half dozen people that are interested
in formalizing a plan and help those groups that would like to put on a
regional conference. The goal is to come up with a "kit" that will help
serve as a master guide to put on one of these workshops. They will also
have full support from the committee that is spawned from this initiative.

If you are interested in being a part of this committee or interested in
hosting a workshop, please send me an email at mario at mariobourque.com and we
can discuss in more detail. Once we form a strategy committee, we can then
begin putting a plan and framework together in order to begin hosting these

Thank you.

Mario Bourque
Web: www.mariobourque.com
Email: mario at mariobourque.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mariobourque

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