html forms and autosaving

17 Feb 2009 - 5:22pm
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Good evening everyone!

I've been asked to write a letter of recommendation on
Usually, they have very lenghty forms, as you might imagine.
Mine had 5-6 textboxes, as well as other elements.

I hit Save for Later and the form resets.Only the first textbox remained
I hit Back, but no, redirection was in place... somehow, my browser
didn't save the fields.

So my question is... how does one avoid this? Are there any already
implemented (preferably open-source) solutions out there?
An out-of-the-box standard thing to autosave everything... wouldn't that be

Autosaving comes to mind, but then again is that enough?
How can we change the user's perception about this.
I know that in my case, even when I write inside Wordpress
(which has a strong autosave feature), I still hit the save button
way too often, and feel a pressing need to open an OS editor.

Any thoughts?


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