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17 Feb 2009 - 12:15pm
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Ian Chan


Apologies first off for what might appear a shameless act of blog
promotIon. I'm doing an in-depth look at the challenges for social
interaction designers in talk tools, specifically short-form messaging
apps like twitter, and practices like status updating. I'm fascinated
by them, and I think they clearly represent an important direction
forward for social media. But designing for talk is not easy. So I'm
interested in feedback and collaboration with any one of you who wants
to join in, at

I have four "laws" of social interaction design I'll publish in the
near future, and will post shorter and easier reflections on "status
culture" in between the methodological ones.

I'm hoping to flesh out the user centricity of social media design,
the mechanics and forces of emergent social practices, the unique
attributes of online communication, and the transformative aspects of
mediated interaction.

Talk tools tend to have the least amount of design architecture,
features, and other design elements common to page-based social media.
It seems that the domain favors open-ness and simplicity. But where
there is less design in architecture, the burden of social practice
organization shifts to social practices and habits of user experience.
We don't normally address the structure and organization of talk
itself -- I'm interested in how much of that we can fold into a
framework for social media design.

Separately, I'm forming a working group of psychologists interested in
social media, online habits, and theories & research into "user
psychology." If you're interested, please just get in touch. We're a
small and diverse group at the moment. Spread the word in therapy
sessions nationwide!!


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