JOB: Disney's is looking for a temp junior IA/UxD - Be a part of a budding team!

11 Feb 2009 - 5:38pm
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Heather Anderson

We are looking for an Interaction Designer with strong experience
documenting interactions for the web or software applications, who advocates
best practices, with a desire to build valuable experiences for Moms and
Dads. This person will report to a Senior Interaction designer to take
projects, large and small, and move them from idea to scope to wireframe to
functional requirements, and protect the integrity of the user experience as
the project moves through testing, design, development, QA and launch.


* *

*% time spent*

Help design, conduct, and interpret usability research


Generate wireframes, site maps & user flows, quickly and reliably

- Wireframes should provide basis for documentation for all aspects of a
product, including: Content management, editorial calendar, art production
and maintenance, information architecture, display logic, error states
- Wireframes should be appropriate to the stage of production: Initial
buy-in, proof of concept, scope definition, requirements for developers and


* *

* *

Synthesize feedback from stakeholders with grace and creativity


During development, respond to day-to-day, minute-to-minute questions from
artists, developers & project managers.

* *


During QA, participate heavily in bug finding, and documentation of
improvements and clarifications


* *


* *

- 3+ years of experience in online product development
- Bachelor's degree required
- Experience creating wireframes
- Experience writing functional descriptions
- Experience interfacing with design, editorial & technology about
building and maintaining websites
- Experience on products that cater to unique needs Moms
- Experience working with Junior level interaction designers, developing
their skills and potential


- A passionate advocate for our mom audience, putting personal bias aside
if it conflicts with the evident preferences of the audience.
- Builds consensus around the solutions that best serve the needs of our
- Places compassion, empathy, and common sense as the cornerstone of good
- Adept at cutting through the clutter or information and focus on what's
most important
- Appreciation and dedication to the elegance of simplicity
- Fluent in best practices, developing and adhering to pattern libraries
- Devotion to efficiency in design, process and communication
- Incline toward systems thinking, seeing things in detail, grasping how
the details fit together in the larger picture
- Places importance on reputation as a helpful team member
- Subtle understanding of the differences between audience communication
needs, including users and stakeholders
- Fluency in the languages of different stakeholders – including
developers, designers, editors and business.


* *
*Specify title, level of contacts
Frequency, nature*


Senior Producers, Project managers, Developers, Art Directors, Designers

Daily meetings, phone calls email


Usabilty vendors and Research providers, other interaction designers within

Monthly, meetings, phone, email

*Specify title, name

*Reports to:*

Heather Anderson, Senior Interaction Designer

North Hollywood

* *

Heather Anderson
User Experience Architect

<m> 818.292.2766
<f> 888.672.6852
<aim> phluxy

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