Right-Click Actions in Web Applications(Enterprise)

11 Feb 2009 - 3:02am
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Gregor Kiddie

*Is Left handed, but uses a right handed mouse in his left hand ;) *

I don't honestly see the difference between a desktop application and a
web based one. Means of delivery is the only difference.

If the browser chrome is minimized and the application is started by a
customised shortcut, it appears familiar to users who are used to
desktop experiences.

Add in extra confusions like Flash player versus AIR. You can deliver
the same content on the desktop as in the browser (Its just how the swf
is delivered that is different), am I to believe one should have
right-click (context click, secondary click, whatever) behaviour and the
other one shouldn't?


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What is this "right click" thing you speak of?

I guess you haven't considered folks that use a left handed mouse
where clicking the right button fires the primary click action. But
that's cool, I'll start using the term "left click" to mean secendary
click actions. That'll confuse you.



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