[JOB POSTING] Web developers tag team required in bangalore

6 Feb 2009 - 5:12am
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Pankaj Chawla


A US based startup is planning to open design and development center in
Bangalore and looking for a tag team of a backend and a frontend web
developer. Single entries are also allowed as long as you promise to be nice
to your team member :-). BTW, the team will also have a designer on board
and the three of you will be working together to create a kick-ass piece of
1)Web developer-backend: As a backend developer you will be required to
design and develop a highly responsive fault tolerant database solution that
will take in real time data from thousands of sources, store it and then
process it for your front end team member to show to users and interact with

2)Web developer-frontend: As the frontend developer you will be required to
work closely with the designer to come up with an exceptional information
dashboard capable of showing real time data and allowing users to drive
changes from the same.

Basic requirement is that you have to have exceptional software
development skills and believe that you can beat the best in your field. Of
course you need to have good experience in your chosen field and we expect
you to know the ins and outs of whatever technology you love to work with.
We have Linux, MySQL, PHP/Python, ActionScript 3.0/Flex/Flash,
DHTML/CSS/AJAX/Javascript, OpenLaszlo in mind but if you can convince us to
look at better ways to do what we want to do we are open to change our mind

If you think it interests you please email back at ihaveadream[at]
suntulit.com with your latest resume and a short blurb on why you should be


PS: Please forward to your friends if they might be interested (Tag teams
will get preference :-))

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