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30 Jan 2009 - 1:33pm
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Thank you all for commenting

Nik, Iam waiting for your comments about the IIEED proposal I sent you

Mukesh, interesting link shall dig it more

Angel, the line between an active interior space and another art
installation is one of the possibilities an interior designer can fall into,
my idea was to develop the engagement qualities between the users or
visitors and the space to achieve a more sensory, mind manipulation and
emotional interactive experience. The use of technology and interactives
within this space can enhance its entertainment and educational aims.
Nevertheless, the interactive experience should correspond to the space aims
and aspiration. I think the interior designer should build a story for this
narrative space, and maybe the interactive designer can help him achieve
this space by the tools, services or devises he build. I am talking about a
room that change its mood according to yours, or a foldable flexible space
the bend and expand to take you to another experience dimension, maybe even
send you messages indirectly through visual illusions and graphics with
images V Jing... I am even thinking that if technology wasn't advanced yet
to do that in reality now, maybe with collaboration with game designers, i
can build this space and achieve this experience in virtual reality games.

Dan: i checked their website.. Interesting topics where can I find more
information about them, any publication I can buy or look through??

Brian, the Green exhibit seems really interesting

Joshua, do you think an interior designer could design an experiential space
where the visitor shouldn't stop moving to start interacting, where the
process of interaction is continuous throughout his journey in the space, i
am talking about static (might engage the brain and the senses) as well as
active interaction through body movements ??

Say in a space where interaction is build within its interior elements,
mowing floors, educational revolving walls or shape changing ceilings...ect?


2 Feb 2009 - 6:06am


Yes sorry it's been a hectic week. I have replied off list. It looked
very comprehensive and a very interesting proposal. Reminded me a lot of
the work I used to see from Interaction Ivrea (now Domus).

Sorry again for delay in replying.

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