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28 Jan 2009 - 2:12pm
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This looks like a really great conference in Denver on Feb 2.


I hope to go!

Are there any other good webby or general IxD get togethers in the area?

Mike Caskey

Jared Spool wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2009, at 11:22 PM, Jim Leftwich wrote:
>> I'm in extremely strong disagreement with Jarod in a number of things
>> he states.
> I'm assuming you're talking about me (JarEd). There's another JarOd on
> this list, who often has interesting things to say, but he hasn't
> participated in this thread. I apologize if my assumption is incorrect.
>> I disagree with his statement that one does not know where
>> a RED design will end until after it's finished.
>> This is flatly untrue. It's a matter of experience. One has to
>> have confidence of where a design (which can indeed be both grasped
>> in the mind and in extensive blueprints) will be when implemented and
>> realized. This is simply a fact that's been borne out in many
>> designs by many designers.
> You can think of this as a two-by-two matrix. On the horizontal, you
> have "Is not experienced" and "Is experienced". On there vertical you
> have "Thinks is experienced" and "Doesn't think is experienced".
> I believe you're focusing on the quadrant that is both "Is
> experienced" and "thinks is experienced." People in this quadrant will
> likely do an excellent job. Similarly, the people in "Is not
> experienced" and "Doesn't think is experienced" will likely resort to
> other means, such as activity-focused or user-focused research, to get
> the information they need to make decisions.
> It's the other two quadrants that produce issues. Those that fall into
> "Is experienced" and "Doesn't think is experienced" will underperform
> and spend resources on research that don't deliver new insights. Those
> that fall into "Thinks is experienced" and "Is not experienced" will
> blindly produce designs that are unlikely to succeed.
> It is this latter quadrant that I think has the most risk. In this
> case, you won't know which column you're in ("Is experienced" vs. "Is
> not experienced") until you've had a way to validate the design. You
> may "think" you know, but that's a completely different axis.
> That was my original point. It is just rhetoric, but it's important
> rhetoric as we try to broaden the field to that beyond just a few
> folks who "get it" and make it into something that is scalable to the
> demands that society seems to warrant it. That's where my interest in
> this comes from.
>> He says he will never have to resort to RED. I'm at a bit of a loss
>> to respond to Jarod, as I'm not actually familiar with his body of
>> work. I would have to see Jarod's designs and understand the
>> outcomes, the scale and expense of effort that went into them, and
>> the domains that these took place in before commenting on his
>> approach to design and development.
> What I actually said was:
>> I like the name Genius Design because it means I'll never resort to it.
> As Robert pointed out, I'm not a designer (though I do dabble in it
> occasionally, often with poor results, thus increasing my respect for
> those who are). I'm a researcher focused on design management (among
> other things) and this denotation of decision styles (which is what I
> refer to Genius/RED versus other type) is important, as it helps teams
> understand when they do and don't need additional research to inform
> their design.
> You can learn more about the work I've been doing from this recent
> article that describes the different design decision styles:
> http://is.gd/hywO
> Hope that helps you understand where I was coming from.
> JarEd
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28 Jan 2009 - 2:49pm
Dan Saffer

I'm speaking at this conference and teaching a workshop there. The Web
Directions conferences are always great, especially for combination
designer-developers. Use my speaker code WDN09DSa and get $50 off!


Dan Saffer
Principal, Kicker Studio

28 Jan 2009 - 3:27pm
Andrew Boyd

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 6:12 AM, Mike Caskey <mike at casadev.com> wrote:

> This looks like a really great conference in Denver on Feb 2.
> https://secure.webdirections.org/wdn09/aff/WDN09MC
> I hope to go!
> Are there any other good webby or general IxD get togethers in the area?
> Mike Caskey

go if you can - John and Maxine put on a fantastic conference - I went to
both Web Directions South and Web Directions Government last year and loved
both of them :)

Best regards, Andrew

Andrew Boyd
http://uxbookclub.org -- connect, read, discuss
http://govux.org -- the government user experience forum

28 Jan 2009 - 3:35pm
Andrew Jaswa

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Mike Caskey <mike at casadev.com> wrote:

> Are there any other good webby or general IxD get togethers in the area?

Refresh Denver[1] is a good bet. They are also holding a get
together[2] for the Web Directions folks and locals.

There is also a local IxD group but I can't remember the contact info
at the moment.


[1] http://refreshdenver.org/
[2] http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1518648/

Andrew Jaswa

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