User Experience Stage, Agile 2009: Call for Proposals / Feedback / Requests

18 Jan 2009 - 1:13pm
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Adrian Howard

Hi folks,

The Agile 2009 Conference will be held August 24-28 2009 in Chicago,
USA. The User Experience stage focuses on the concerns of and practice
of user experience work in Agile projects. You can read the full
details at

The deadline for submissions is Feb 13th 2009 - yes Friday 13th!

Last year's User Experience stage was great (e.g. see Alan Cooper's
closing keynote & the '08 sessions

We hope you can help us make this years User Experience stage even
better in one of three ways:

= 1) Submit a proposal =

We're looking for:

* Tutorials teaching concepts & techniques that help Agile teams
improve their product's user experience

* Experience reports of UX work in Agile projects - successful or

* Posters or exhibits - stationary information art that shares ideas
or experiences of Agile user experience work.

* Performances and talks that focus on user experience in entertaining
and provocative ways.

* Experiential sessions that allow participants to learn, explore, or
discover more about the topic. A round-table or fish bowl discussion,
a game, a demonstration, a one act play, a comedy routine, anything!
Involve your audience in an engaging and entertaining way to explore
the topic of user experience?

The earlier you can send a submission the better. There's an open
review process and you can revise your proposal based on the feedback
you get. See for more info.

= 2) Give feedback =

All proposals are open to comments from the community and we have a
team of reviewers ready to give feedback. The more people who can help
with that the better.

If you're interested in Agile user experience work - it would be great
if you could take some time to register at
so you can browse and review session proposals.

= 3) Request something =

We seek requests. Requests for tutorials you’d like to see, subjects
you’d like discussed, or people you’d like to hear from. No request is
too far fetched.

We’d like requests that help us think out of the box to find topics
and presentation approaches that make the UX stage a working example
of quality of experience.

If you have a topic or a presenter in mind please describe it in a


I'd be happy to answer any questions people may have - and am looking
forward to seeing proposals, reviews & requests from everybody here.




7 Feb 2009 - 8:29pm

Are your findings posted to the web? I'd love to see some as we're
grappling with the User Centered Design vs. Agile problem right now;
trying to integrate the two.

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9 Feb 2009 - 1:56pm
Adrian Howard

On 7 Feb 2009, at 17:29, Nathaniel Flick wrote:

> Are your findings posted to the web? I'd love to see some as we're
> grappling with the User Centered Design vs. Agile problem right now;
> trying to integrate the two.

Personally - I never quite get why there's a "vs" there. They always
seemed very compatible to me :-)

You might find some of the stuff bookmarked under
of interest.

There's also the agile-usability at mailing list where a
bunch of folk doing this sort of stuff hang out.

Also - while I'm on the topic - the deadline for Agile 2009
submissions has just been extended to March 03. So I'd encourage
anybody with agile/ux experience to consider submitting to the user
experience stage :-)



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