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15 Jan 2009 - 9:11am
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Victor Lombardi

Hi Everyone,

We have five new webinars* in early 2009, including Bill Scott
of Netflix discussing the finer points of what interaction designers
should know about engineering DHTML interfaces...

** User Research Beyond Usability (with Christian Rohrer) **
January 29, 2009
Christian Rohrer will provide a framework for
understanding and explaining different user research methods.

** Bringing Design to Life: What Every Designer Should Know
about Interface Engineering (with Bill Scott) **
February 26, 2009
Bill Scott will focus specifically on the technical challenges and
opportunities for DHTML-based web sites and applications.

** Content Strategy for Websites (with Kristina Halvorson) **
April 23, 2009
Kristina Halvorson will offer step-by-step instructions on how
to integrate content strategy into the website design process.

** Shifting Your Focus: Content as Conversation (with Ginny
Redish) **
May 28, 2009
Bringing you the practical implications of linguistic research
on conversation, Ginny will help you with your content
strategy—what information to focus on, where it goes on the web
site, how to decide how much to say about a particular web
topic, how to organize it on the page, and how to write it.

** Extending Game Design to Business Applications (with John
Ferrara) **
July 16, 2009
As more people spend more time interacting with game-based
environments, the applicability of these experiences to everyday
user interfaces and business applications will become impossible
to ignore. This webinar will provide an overview of game interaction
spaces, look at game design applied in real-world contexts, and
survey useful interaction patterns found in games.

And you can purchase recordings of our first two webinars:

** Using Mental Models for Tactics and Strategy (with Indi
Young) **
In this recorded Future Practice Webinar, author Indi Young
(bio) introduces mental models, describes how they benefit
tactical design projects, and shows how you can use them to
manage strategic change.

** Modern Web Form Design (with Luke Wroblewski) **
Luke walks you through the latest applications of rich Web form
interactions (made possible by dynamic technologies like Ajax)
including: flexible inputs, dynamic help systems, inline
validation, selection dependent inputs, and more.

* About the Webinars
Future Practice webinars teach you new skills while shining
a light on the future of user experience practice, all at a
price that's more friendly than flying to a conference. They are
produced by Rosenfeld Media and Smart Experience.

Best Wishes,
Victor Lombardi

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