Displaying hierarchy without treeviews

12 Jan 2009 - 2:47pm
7 years ago
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We're currently designing a reporting application and we've endeavored to avoid treeviews wherever possible. This has been successful so far, as we're implementing listviews combined with a label system similar to the one offered by Gmail. However, one type of report is causing our model to 'break', for lack of a better word.

Our product will ship with reports based on HIPAA compliance documents, which are structured in an hierarchical manner. The first version of this application displayed these reports using a treeview, with the categories matching those found in the HIPAA documents. The thinking was that this would aid users in locating reports they needed to run, and I can't argue that having a structure that matches the source document can't hurt.

However, I'd really like to be able to display a standard view when it comes to showing reports. As I said, in most cases our reports can be displayed easily and intuitively using listviews and labels, but this one area appears to require a treeview. Can any of you think of another way around this? I'd like to be able to show them in a listview, but will resort to a treeview if we have to.



14 Jan 2009 - 11:43pm
Nasir Barday

How many levels of hierarchy, and how many categories do you have to
show? You could flatten the tree, emphasizing the hierarchy labels at
each level. Kind of hard to know without seeing a sample document, or
a sketch of what you mean by "listview."

- N

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