1st reminder: CALL FOR PAPER: aaate 2009 conference

2 Dec 2008 - 5:02am
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Maria De Monte

Hello there,

I already posted this last month, but there could probably be someone new in the Forum who could be interested, so I'm re-posting this call for paper.

I also take the chance to launch a proposal: It'd be cool to meet if some of you is working in Italy. Just come up in some way and we'll try to arrange something. Thank you....

"For those of you interested in e-Inclusion, Design for All/Universal Design, here
is an event that will take place in Florence, Italy, in summer 2009, by the Italian National Research Council.

Few topics:
Technological innovation in Assistive Technology;
The need for
interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approaches to the development of
integrated solutions;
The contribution of Assistive Technology and
Design for All towards inclusion;
Equipment interconnectivity and
compatibility, covering hardware, software and wireless, to favor
integrated solutions to inclusion;
The need for standardization (formal,
informal and de facto);
Cultural aspects: e.g. acceptance of different
approaches, designs and aesthetics of AT devices and inclusive living
environments, high tech versus low tech, creative solutions for complex
Social aspects: penetration of AT and integrated approaches,
the role of Europe in building up inclusion competence in emerging and
developing countries, etc.;
Technology transfer, towards not only AT
industry, but also mainstream industry.

For more info, please refer to
http://www.aaate2009.eu/ "


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