RE: Improved Searching - Trouble for Google?

9 Nov 2004 - 3:24pm
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bill.labbon at ...

Had not seen this before - thanks for sharing!

It takes a few seconds to orient yourself (and I agree the graphics on the
start page are a bit much)....but....the search results screen is cool
(IMHO). I love the choice of clicking on the search results link or
choosing the "framed" feature (when you click elsewhere within the result).
Lots of cool additional features as well, such as scrolling from one result
page to the next, the "open original" link etc. I already like it!

I imagine it would be confusing to some users though, having different
behaviors depending on where the click occurs within a search result.

- Bill Labbon

Useful - probably not the first time you've seen this.

Must be some serious processing going on in the background. Not too
comfortable with the visual aspect though.



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