Question: How to show discounted pricing to members without logging in to a site

14 Nov 2008 - 11:20am
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Hi everyone:

I have a question.

One of our clients is a publisher who, in order to protect their
distributors and partner booksellers preferred pricing, know they can only
publish their LIST price on their web site. However, they wanted to know if
it were possible to show member pricing without the user having to log in.
There is no login requirement on the site, as its promotional.

I know that many retail stores online who heavily discount merchandise as a
loss leader, display a price when the user digs a little deeper, and then
actually adds the product to a cart. The user will then see the actual
retail price vs. the list price in the cart.

We are building a cart through which a user will aggregate the sku¹s they
are interested in, add them to the cart, and then pass them via an API to
the client¹s online store (another URL).

My idea is to say, ³Add this to your cart to see CLIENT X Member Pricing².
They see the list price, but then there¹s some text that let¹s them know if
they add to cart, they¹ll see the true price. They can then choose to take
the next step and complete the transaction in the client¹s shopping cart at
the shop URL.




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14 Nov 2008 - 11:55am
Paul Eisen

I had a very similar problem to solve in a recent B-to-B e-commerce
project for a different industry (HVAC parts ordering). Input and
feedback I got from users led me to conclude that they are happy to
log in to see their discounted pricing. They prefer this to not
knowing the price until they add the item to the cart. The fringe
benefit of logging in is the perception of feeling special - not
treated like the general public.


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14 Nov 2008 - 1:37pm

This might work, but since they are a book publisher selling individual
items, the percentage off might not be the same across all products
featured. And, we can't display the RETAIL price to some customers.

The company does not yet have an API to use a login feature to check against
membership, so we can't send some kind of authentication and display in our
cart the new RETAIL price once it's been added.

Kind of a bit of a conundrum without the benefit an API to check against and
display discounted price only to current members.

On 11/14/08 12:27 PM, "Dennis Morrow" <dmorrow at> wrote:

> Hello Anthony,
> I used to work within the promotional products industry and they have
> created a standard "code" system where they are able to show list price
> and next to it a letter code that stand for a specific % off that price,
> or the distributor price.
> a = 90% off
> b = 85% off
> c = 80% off
> d = etc.
> Example:
> Qty Price
> 100 - 249 $4.35
> 250 - 499 $4.15
> 500 - 999 $3.95
> 1000+ $3.75
> (2c,2b)
> The 2c, 2b means that the first 2 quantities are discounted at code c,
> and the next 2 quantities are discounted at code b.
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