Keely's(sp?) Model (was Experience design vsinterac tion design)

8 Nov 2004 - 2:36pm
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Ben Hunt

I once did a diagram that described this like a mountain:

Take a simple triangle.

The up-slope is Design - the goal is to get as high as possible, as
pure, think as big, as free as possible. Blue sky, above the clouds.
The down-slope is Engineering - where you have to pick a safe route from
the summit back to ground-level.
The bottom of the triangle is Business benefit - what has been achieved,
which equals the distance covered in going over the mountain.

Sometimes, Engineering can't find a safe (doable) route down the
mountain, and you may have to backtrack on Design to a lower point, and
maybe cover less ground.

Kinda works for me.

- Ben
- Scratchmedia

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