Who Is A Friendly Presidential Candidate For UserExperience Poll

4 Nov 2008 - 5:58pm
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Hi Guys,
Since it is the end of day I would like to share the results of the poll we
had on our website www.bestica.com . 95 UX people have voted so far and out
of 95 people an overwhelming majority of 82% voted for Obama and a small
minority of 18% voted for Mccain. Let us see who becomes the actual
president now.

Harvinder Singh
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harvinder at bestica.com
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www.bestica.com has added a poll on their website for who is friendly
presidential candidate towards user experience. If you would like to vote
and view the results of user experience community please visit
www.bestica.com and you can see the poll on the left hand side at the bottom
of the home page.
Harvinder Singh
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