2008 Election ballot design: a report from an expert

3 Nov 2008 - 4:21pm
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Scott Berkun

Wondering what to expect in ballot usability issues this year? I was too.
Dana Chisnell at usabilityworks.net has been working on U.S. ballot design
and usability, and she answered some big questions in this short interview
and what we should expect this time around (She also offers advice on how
designers can help). Here's an excerpt:

SB. Typically whose job is it to actually design local and state election
ballots? Is there any training required to do this job?

DC: It's different in different places. In many states, the secretary of
state issues a ballot template. But it always comes down to local election
officials at the county level to implement the design. Often the local
election official outsources the actual layout to a vendor or to the
manufacturer of their voting systems because the layout software is wicked
hard to use.

Here's the full interview:



Scott Berkun

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