Thinking about obtaining a Ph.d in Interaction Design (mobile phones)

27 Oct 2008 - 12:24pm
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Ali Naqvi

Hello members,
as a recent graduate buying more books and reading these during my
sparetime I have realized that I am a researcher. (By the way the book
written by Bill Moggridge is amazing! 'Designing Interactions')
At the moment I am jobless since most corporations wish to hire an ID, UEA
or UA with several years of experience. I only have 2 years of part time
usability experience.
My thesis was written in co-operation with NOKIA and the topic was
'preventing mobile phone interruptions'. I want to research more about how
to design solutions that can prevent mobile phone interruptions. I argued
in my thesis that Interruption Management as a technique would enable the
caller and the callee to minimize interruptions.
Reactive decision making and proactive decision making is something a user
does due to the context one is in.
A decent low involvement interaction design solution can also minimize the
'interruption feeling'. Hence preventing mobile phone interruptions can be
minimized by using Interruption Management and Low Involvement
Interaction. I want to research about this and have thus decided to obtain
a Ph.d in this.
Can anyone help me out by giving me suggestions about other interesting
perspectives on this? Maybe also tell me if any corporation is willing to
help me out with an Industrial Ph.d OR any University anywhere? I am
willing to relocate anywhere where I can persue this dream of mine.

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