My Boss needs proof that interactiondesign makes a different!

23 Oct 2008 - 2:45pm
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Elsa Gentry Kant


I have been working to get the role Interaction designer into the
webprojects at my office.
I know it´s importance and effects, but my boss and coworkers don´t.

They want to keep on working as they always have. With a visual
designer and a HTML CSS people.
They want me to give them some proof that a web project with an ID is
better than a webproject whithout. (dah)
I´m getting tired in convincing them and started to give up the
struggle. Then i thought of all you beautiful, talented end friendly
If you could give me some of your own experience in projects with or
whitout ID:s?
Or some new discussions for the benefits of an ID, for me to forward to my boss?

Hopfully then he will understand.

Hejsvejs (swedish for goodbye)


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