Multi-touch: Helsinki's "CityWall"

23 Oct 2008 - 9:55am
7 years ago
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Itamar Medeiros

CityWall is a large multi-touch display installed in central down town
Helsinki which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for its
urban surroundings. The new 3D interface launched 8 October 2008
allows interacting with 3D worlds of related information and enables
multiple content, multiple timelines and participants to generate

Worth checking it out (on youtube):

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23 Oct 2008 - 10:10am
Andy Polaine

Been looking at this for a while because of a friend of mine, John
Evans, from 3Eyes who was involved in it. This was the piece that my
engineering student said "what's the point of it", if you were
following the other discussion about Twitter.

You should take a look at their Multi Touch Cells:



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23 Oct 2008 - 11:26am
Janne Kaasalainen

It's been rather nice thing to try out and play with when you have a
few moments to kill. It also helps that it's located at one of the
very central places in Helsinki.

-Janne Kaasalainen

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