Hybrid mailing list / forum?

21 Oct 2008 - 1:27pm
7 years ago
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Josh Santangelo

Are there any community software packages which work like the IxDA site does
-- that is, a mailing list that works like a forum, and a forum that works
like a mailing list? I haven't seen this executed well anywhere outside the
IxDA site, and I assume that one is all custom.


21 Oct 2008 - 1:58pm
Jeff Howard

Hi Josh,

I've discovered several one-off forums that are struggling with the
problem of full-circle e-mail integration. But the only hosted
systems I've found that really support this interaction are Yahoo
Groups and Basecamp.


Ning and CollectiveX are web forums with an e-mail component. But
neither allow posting from e-mail and only CollectiveX actually
includes the contents of new posts in their notification e-mails.
Ning just sends a note with the name of the thread and the name of
the poster.


There's a free solution called Groupserver which has been built
specifically to integrate e-mail with a web forum. It's still in
alpha. They have a hosted version that I've played around with, but
the customization options are narrow. You can download the alpha
version to install on your own server.


As for IxDA, the e-mail component of the discussion list is powered
by Mailman software (with some custom tweaks), which generates its
own web archive for each post. The website is built off that archive.

You can find a basic implementation of this concept by Bob Doyle at


// jeff

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