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17 Oct 2008 - 5:51pm
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Ed Caggiani

Hi all..been reading the list for a couple of weeks now and thought it was
about time to introduce myself. My name is Ed Caggiani, and I'm a User
Experience Designer (or Interaction Designer, or whatever you wish to call
me) at

I recently moved into this position from engineering, where I was a User
Interface Engineer :-) So basically, I went from implementing user
interfaces, to planning and designing them. Much more fun this way!

I hope to learn more and more about interaction design through reading lists
like this one, and networking with folks like you. Even though I've been
unofficially designing user interfaces for years, this is the first time
that my job description actually IS to design user interfaces through
mockups, prototypes, and wireframes.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi! Also, we'll be hiring another interaction
designer soon, so when I get the job description, I'll post it here for
anyone interested.

Thanks for a great discussion forum!

Ed Caggiani
User Experience Designer

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