Last chance to sign up for Sketching for Interaction Design - Wed, Oct 29 - in New York, NY

19 Oct 2008 - 5:46am
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Dave Malouf

I will be hopefully be teaching my 1-day workshop on how to apply
sketching as an invaluable design tool for interaction design on
Wednesday, Oct. 29th from 9a-5p in Manhattan. Too many UX
practitioners have not gained experience in this most important of
designer thinking and creating tools. This class will not teach you
how to draw, but rather teach you to visualize your ideas for better
learnings, explorations, and experimentations.

Deadline for reservations (just email me) is this Friday (including
payment, of $400 per student).

Please read the course description below.

-- dave

Are you looking for new ways to bring design thinking and design
practice into your daily practice as a user experience professional?
Do you want to learn how great designers of all types get to that
"new" idea without having to wait for divine inspiration? Do you think
that "sketching" is only a tool left to those who have been formally
trained to draw?

"Sketching for Interaction Design" is a 1-day seminar and workshop
created to teach people what sketching really is all about, why it is
powerful and how you can bring it into your daily practice as a User
Experience Professional. In this class you'll learn how the great
organizations of design and innovation use sketching in their daily
practice. You will also gain practice in sketching and see why it is a
distinctive tool from prototyping geared more towards idea generation
than for testing and communication. It is both a tool for personal
use, and a tool for group collaboration.

The course will contain these units:

* Defining sketching as something similar to but different from prototyping
* Placing sketching in the context of a larger design process
* General practice using drawing as a communication tool
* Class project working in teams
* Communicating concepts in interaction design
* Review period of team work
* Take away lessons, and next steps for people wanting to apply
sketching to their practice

The course is geared towards people who are practicing interaction
design and other user experience practices, but can be beneficial for
anyone who is trying to apply core design thinking methods into their
personal and business practices. No previous experience with drawing
or sketching is required.

The course is a full day workshop, 9a-5p, on Wednesday, October 29.
Class will be taught in Midtown.
General cost is $400
Bring 3 or more and get a 10% discount

Reservations & Payments need to be completed by Friday, Oct 24.

David Malouf

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