JOB Mobile Application Software Engineer, Crystal City, VA, L-3 MPRI, Full Time

14 Oct 2008 - 8:39pm
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Job Post Position: Mobile Application Software Engineer

MPRI is seeking a creative candidate who will focus on engineering
fully compliant and accessible mobile versions of
content. Mobile versions of content include full fledged
mobile applications and mobile themed Web sites.. Devices that
are targeted include the RIM Blackberry and Apple iPhone. The
candidate will also utilize Apple's integrated development
environment to create applications for the iPhone.

The candidate should have an excellent understanding of XHTML,
CSS, and alternative stylesheets as they apply to mobile content
delivery. A background in user interaction design, Web
development, and computer science is desired.

You will be joining the growing team of which is the
Department of Defenses and the world's most heavily trafficked
military Web site with an estimated viewership of 4 million unique
users a month. We are looking for a professional candidate who
wants to grow their career and contribute to the meaningful
mission of Army Public Affairs. You will work in a fast paced
environment with team members with equal enthusiasm and passion
for making a mark on the industry.


14 Oct 2008 - 8:45pm

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Please send resumes to:

Chris Clarke
chris.clarke1 at

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