Free OS X Widget Library for Axure

13 Oct 2008 - 3:08pm
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Found time to release v1.0 of my OS X widget library for Axure.

It's been placed under the creative commons license and can be
downloaded here:

You can also download it from the AxureLib Google Group:

The library contains c. 155 distinct elements - all were created with
Axure's internal vector-drawing tools to save space except for 6 small
bitmaps. The library is organized
into different categories:

* Menus Bars & Menus
* Buttons & Controls
* Forms & Input Fields
* Dialogs & Alerts
* Application Windows & Parts
* Generic Icons
* Cursors/Pointers

I've included most of the elements supported by OS X's Interface Builder and
have built several pre-made windows and system dialogs.

Known Issues:

- The library is NOT pixel perfect/accurate due to the limitations imposed
by Axure's drawing tools. However, the output should be close
enough to allow you to create fairly high fidelity wireframes, prototypes
and specifications.

- The library does not adhere to Apple's Interface Design Guidelines mainly
due to the object placement/accuracy issues imposed by Axure's drawing
Again, it should be good enough for most purposes.


Ari Feldman
ari1970 at
Contact Me: [image: Linkedin] <>

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