Peoplesoft 9.0 usability?

6 Oct 2008 - 9:44am
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Melvin Jay Kumar

Hi ,

Does anyone have any details on what enhancement has been done on
Peoplesoft 9.0 upgrade that it has vastly improved in terms of
usability of the various transactions performed by all the users from
employees to managers to administrators?

The documents keep on specifying that the usability of the system has
greatly improved but couldn't find any details on what has been done
to improve?

Has the search been improved if so how?

Has the interaction model been improved?

Is the product itself enhanced in the way that the specific
organization can configure to fit their needs easily without much
customization ?


Anyone from peoplesoft who can provide any details? or anyone using
people can tell me where I can find these details?

Would appreciate any help you can offer I go through the
peoplebooks and the demo system, I see improvements but is there
anywhere I can get the details so that I can say this is what has
improved from the previous to the current version in terms if

The consultants don't seem to get what I am asking was
wondering anyone from the list knows ...or is from peoplesoft and
might be able to help.

Thank You. Much appreciated.


Jay Kumar

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