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2 Oct 2008 - 3:11pm
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Bestica is one of the nation's top Usability staffing specialists. Our
clients include many big name firms and agencies, as well as exciting start
up environments.

Please take a look at the following roles and let me know if you are
interested in learning more. If you are looking for a specific role or
location, please feel free to reply with your resume and info on what you
are looking for in your next role.We will be glad to help!

We currently working with several west coast clients for the following
roles and locations:

1. Seattle: Sr. Usability Designer

- requires web application or ecommerce project experience at the senior

2. Los Angeles: Engineering Director

- looking for experience leading social networking projects, familiarity
with PHP

3. Los Angeles: Web Designer

- Front-end web design skills, intermediate level, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL,
Flash/ Actionscript, Photoshop all desired

4. San Francisco: Web Designer

- UI design for social networking site, craft successful user experience

5. San Francisco: PHP Developer

- intermediate to senior level PHP coding skills for social networking site

6. San Francisco: Experience Designer (Sr./ Lead)

- Design the user experience for this social networking mobile application
website. Senior level or manager/ lead role, GUI design, information
architecture and interaction design.

7. San Francisco: User Experience Design (Lead)

- Visual design, UI strategy, using web 2.0 solutions. HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, AJAX and Flash understanding - not a hands-on coding role but
works closely with design team

Thank You.


Veena Gowthamchand

Recruiting Coordinator

Ph: 210.614.4187

Fax: 210-745-1631 <>


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