JOB: Interaction Designer @ Lextant, Columbus, OH - Full-Time

17 Sep 2008 - 2:17pm
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Lauren Serota

Are you seriously curious? Apply your information architecture,
human-computer interaction, and interaction design skills on a wide variety
of projects from consumer appliances to web-based applications.

Who we are.
Lextant is a design research and user experience firm that helps companies
bring the best possible products and services to market. Our innovative
techniques dig deep into customer emotions - the frustrations, expectations,
needs, and aspirations that frame every brand experience. These insights
give our clients design clarity, a key to aligning efforts, reducing risk,
and building customer loyalty.

Our User Experience team designs experiences that reflect peoples¹ natural
behaviors. We organize information and simplify interactions to create the
perfect balance of beauty, usability, and performance.

Who we¹re looking for.
Lextant is currently reviewing portfolios of qualified interactive &
interaction designers who can humanize complex interactive experiences.
Interaction designers lead concept development, creation of original art and
interaction models, prototype designs, and project coordination. At Lextant,
you will provide customer insight for design and strategy challenges, join
and contribute to a growing team, and work on exciting programs for
interactive, retail, consumer product, and brand design.

What you should have:
* experience managing and executing a wide scope of interactive projects
* an ability to produce descriptive design requirements, storyboards,
scenarios, and wireframe prototypes
* excellent information design, information architecture, and problem
solving skills
* visual communication skills and the ability to articulate and
demonstrate verbal and visual design artifacts
* understanding of applied user-centered design practices
* understanding of user behavior and human factors techniques and how
they relate to design
* familiarity with both generative and evaluative user research and
usability testing approaches

You should present a body of work that:
* Demonstrates a passion for designing interactive experiences
* Demonstrates user-centered design approach
* Exhibits stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and balances beauty,
innovation and usability
* Communicates visual design sensibility supported by an intimate
understanding of human computer interaction
* Conveys user experience and emotion relevant to the product, the
context and their goals
* Shows experience with diverse content

Please send your résumé, cover letter and some of your work to
careers at with the words ³Interaction Designer² in the subject

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