The New Facebook Redesign: The Beginning of TheEnd?

17 Sep 2008 - 12:28pm
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Jackie O\'Hare

"So an address book?"

Even if that's all that The Facebook is at the end of the day, why is
that a such bad thing?


17 Sep 2008 - 1:18pm
Bonnie Natko

I also think there are also different types of people - and it's good
that people have options. In my experience there are either Facebook
loyalists or Myspace loyalists. It is a matter of taste, just as some
people prefer Coke over Pepsi. Competition is good.

That all being said, I love Facebook - it is clean, and I really didn't
have a problem working with the new design at all. I am sure they know
that they need to work out all the kinks, but that's just the general
evolution of any site.

Facebook works best as a social utility. Sure, some people may feel like
it's a "virtual reunion" but what I am noticing lately is that people in
different circles are also taking part in discussions and getting to
know each other. So we are all building more meaningful relationships
with each other.

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I think Loren hit the nail on the head - A social site is useless if
your friends don't use it.

I thought Twitter was useless until I started using it, and you have to
use it often to get any value from it. If you want to connect with
people, it takes a bit of effort to do so, just the physical boundaries
are broken down - such is the nature of the Internet.

I think this is where the tool is only as good as the people using it.

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