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17 Sep 2008 - 8:09am
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have a look over the form design


Bryan Minihan <bjminihan at nc.rr.com>
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{Spam?} Re: [IxDA Discuss] Next & previous button order

I've had to design a few such forms, but normally prefer to break
down large wizard-ish processes into separate distinct actions rather
than lead people down a complicated multi-step form...

Anyway, I've had some success meeting both the logical and
efficiency objectives Brett describes by making the Next button the
tab immediately following the last form field, in the lower right
corner, while placing the Previous button (less prominently
displayed) far to the left, in the lower left corner. The placement
on either side of the form indicates more clearly that clicking
Previous takes you backward, while the most likely action lets you
tab to the Next button and complete all of the forms pretty quickly.
Hitting tab after the Next button jumps to the left to the Previous
button, then to the top of the form again. Also, hitting Enter from
within the form (as long as the req'd fields are completed) is as
good as hitting the Next button, as well, for even more efficiency.

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17 Sep 2008 - 9:31am
Caroline Jarrett

Harshad.Deshmukh at zycus.com
> have a look over the form design
> http://www.lukew.com/resources/articles/web_forms.html

And it's a fine article, but it doesn't say anything about next and previous

For that matter, if you're reading articles about buttons then I'd also like
to suggest my recent one:


(but that doesn't say anything about next and previous either. Oops. Maybe
that's a topic I should return to for the future).

Caroline Jarrett

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