The Fifth International Cyperspace Conference on Ergonomics (CybErg'08) (Registration Fees Waived)

16 Sep 2008 - 9:46pm
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Chan FoongYeen

To share with all of you.

Donny Chan


Hi all:

I'd like to invite you all to attend the CybErg conference.

Appreciate if you can also help promote to your colleagues in
Ergonomics/Human Factors field, and yes, there's no registration fee.

We hope we get a greater international presence and more discussion going as

Thanks and have a great day ahead!


Tracks included are:
Children & Ergonomics, Issues In Cognitive Ergonomics, Design In An
Electronic World
Design & Usability, Theoretical Issues In Ergonomics, Ergonomics For
Developing Countries
Designing For Educational Environments

Special Tracks: HCI Education in Developing Countries, Design Education in
Developing Countries, ICTs in Preservation Of Languages, ICTs for Rural



(15 Sept 2008 – 15 Oct 2008)

This is a Call for Participation to the 5th International Cyberspace
Conference on Ergonomics (CybErg'08); a conference that is conducted
entirely Online from 15 Sept. to 15 Oct 2008. There are 8 main
Ergonomics/Human Factors tracks, and at present, 4 Special Tracks.
Reflecting the truly international nature of the conference, we have
submissions from: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cuba, Indonesia, Japan,
Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

1. About CybErg
2. Five (5) reasons why you should participate CybErg 2008
3. Conference Programme
4. Registration Fees Waived
5. Important Dates

5th International Cyberspace Conference on Ergonomics (CybErg'08) "Local
Knowledge, Global Applications". It is generally acknowledged that
technologies today not only originate from developed nations but also from
developing nations. New knowledge about the different requirements of
various cultures, needs, and application of new and old technologies in a
variety of environs are being identified; these local knowledge can then be
applied for products and services targeted for nations all over the world.
All this will bring about the betterment of society, in improving the
usability of technologies, personal experiences, quality of life and work.
It is within this context of discovery of new local knowledge and its
global application that we would like to invite the global community to
contribute and participate in the 5th International Cyberspace Conference
on Ergonomics (CybErg'08). More detailed description of the theme can be
obtained from:

2. Five (5) reasons why you should attend CybErg 2008. As compared to
conventional conferences, the CybErg conferences have some added

Reason 1: Opportunity to have more in-depth and quality discussions
As CybErg is on for a Month, participants will be able to discuss the
papers in greater detail. Unlike conventional conferences, where the
Question and Answer sessions only allow a small number of questions to be
asked, participants have ample time to think about the questions before
posting them in CybErg. In addition, authors will more time to reflect on
the comments given before responding. All this, we believe will contribute
to a more quality discourse on the papers and topics of discussion.

Reason 2: Ability to attend and participate in ALL tracks
A common problem in attending conventional conferences is that two paper
presentations that you would like to attend are held simultaneously. In
CybErg, all registered participants can "attend" ALL the sessions.

Reason 3: Opportunities to meet and network with an internationally diverse
Ergonomics/Human Factors community
With the eradication of high travel costs (transport costs, accommodation
costs, subsistence costs, etc.) to attend conferences, participants from
countries, not normally present in international conferences, are thus able
to participate. There are opportunities for researchers to meet potential
collaborators (e.g. those wanting to conduct cross-nation comparison
studies) and for practitioners to meet contacts in less established

Reason 4: Access to experts from all over the world CybErg is able to bring
together experts of a truly international nature.
As mentioned above, a more diverse Ergonomics/Human Factors community would
be attending. This provides an excellent opportunity for the sharing of
expertise and experience, not only between those from the developed nations
(usual attendees in international face-to-face conferences), but also with
those from developing nations.

Reason 5: No registration fee (and proceedings delivered right to your
As there are no conference costs (such as venue hire costs, no refreshment
costs*, no guest speaker travel costs, etc.), CybErg is also able to offer
no registration fee. This is particularly beneficial to
participants from developing countries, where there is a poor rate of
currency exchange and where travel to foreign countries is expensive. The
proceedings of CybErg (papers and discussions conducted) will be available
on a CDROM, AND delivered to the full registered participants' designated

>From the submissions, we have accepted 28 papers in the following 8 tracks,
with the authors coming from all over the world: Australia, Brazil,
Bulgaria, Cuba, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden,
and the United States. (All extended abstracts were reviewed by 2 members
of the Technical Committee).

Paper Tracks

Children & Ergonomics
Issues In Cognitive Ergonomics
Design In An Electronic World
Design & Usability
Theoretical Issues In Ergonomics
Ergonomics For Developing Countries
Designing For Educational Environments

Special Tracks
At present, there are 4 special tracks (comprising 6 position papers) that
have been accepted.

Special Track: HCI Education in Developing Countries
Special Track: Design Education in Developing Countries
Special Track: ICTs in Preservation Of Languages
Special Track: ICTs for Rural Development

As this is an Online Conference, additional Special Tracks will be created
if there are sufficient requests and interest from participants.


In light of the sponsorship received, we have decided to Waive the
Registration Fee.

For each full registration to attend the conference, you will be provided
the following privileges:
login access for the whole duration of the conference.
- Access to all forums and discussions
- Access to post and obtain feedback on topics of interest
- Discussion with internationally acknowledged experts of
ergonomics/human factors and participants from all over the world

Should you wish to the CDROM proceedings which includes the discussions
conducted in each track, please complete the form on


15 September 2008: Conference Open for Discussions
15 Sept-15 October 2008: Conference Proper

For more information, please visit Should you
have any queries, please contact Ms. D'oria Islamiah (CybErg'08 Secretary)
(secretariat at ) or me (alvin at ).

I thank you in advance for your kind attention, and look forward to
"meeting" you online on 15 September 2008.

Yours sincerely,
Alvin W. Yeo
Chair, CybErg'08

Associate Professor Dr. Alvin W. Yeo
Faculty of Computer Science and
Information Technology
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
94300 Kota Samarahan
Email: alvin AT, awy AT
Tel: + 6082-583 659/583784
Fax: + 6082-583 764

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