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16 Sep 2008 - 7:34pm
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Aaron Louie

What's so revolutionary about InfoCamp?

InfoCamp gives the power to the people! It turns the traditional
conference structure upside-down, with most of the conference content
being designed and delivered by the people who attend.

The result is a highly collaborative, vibrant atmosphere in which
participants can discuss nascent ideas, emerging technologies, thorny
problems, practical suggestions, and current issues.

InfoCamp Seattle 2008 is an unconference open to anyone interested in
information architecture, user-centered design, librarianship,
information management, usability, and related topics. It doesn't
matter if you're a student or an established professional, in the
private sector, a library, or a government agency -- all interested
folks are invited to register!

What will you encounter at InfoCamp? Since it's an unconference, we
can't predict exactly what will happen! But we do know that you'll
hear from our keynote and plenary speakers, Jacob O. Wobbrock and
Tamara Adlin. You'll also participate in discussions about topics such
as social media, the future of information systems, or other subjects
already being suggested on the InfoCamp wiki

InfoCamp Seattle 2008
September 27-28

Join the InfoCamp revolution! Revolution has never been so fun!

Aaron, Andy, Corprew, Genevieve, Joshua, Kathryn, Kristen, and Rachel
Your InfoCamp Seattle 2008 Organizers

PS: We would like to thank this year's InfoCamp sponsors for their
generous support:
FILTER, ASIS&T PNW, ASIS&T UW, Blink Interactive, and ZAAZ

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