Job: Lawrence, Kansas, USA: mobile interaction designer, mobile design producer

9 Sep 2008 - 10:07pm
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Barbara Ballard

Looking to work in mobile

Looking to expand your stellar interaction design skills into mobile? Or
perhaps you are already a rock star mobile designer? Like working with
companies from startups to major brands, both in and out of the mobile
industry? Have a passion for mobile?

We are looking to fill one of two roles, either a Senior Designer or a
Producer, with a need to fill the other one soon enough. Both focus on
mobile: web sites, applications, services, devices, operating systems,
marketing platforms, and more.

The ideal *Senior Designer* conceives of multiple interaction models,
details them out, tests them out, specifies them for our clients. An
advocate of user research, this person has seen enough front end and
usability research to create informed predictions of user behavior.

Interaction design is a combination of art, modeling, psychology, design,
and a touch of engineering. You'll have strengths in at least two.

You have strong opinions, but recognize when other issues prevail – like
clients and users. You aren't afraid to assert the user's needs in the face
of client opinions.

You can talk to clients, but it isn't necessarily your first choice. You can
do some QA, though not based on scripts. You recognize that sometimes your
designs have errors, but getting the development team coding is more
important than perfection in design.

A *Producer* is going to talk to clients more. You could do the whole design
yourself, but addressing client needs and doing project management will take
up much of your time. You'll probably own the vision for the project, and
clients will come back requesting your team.

You'll end up having your own team to help clients, but moving the client
from idea to proposal to project launch will largely be your job. Everything
your team produces will be consistent with your vision and your high quality

Whether designer or producer, you have a life. Little Springs Design wants
people interested in long term relationships with both us and our clients;
to do that we do what we can to help you make your life what you want it to

This position is in Lawrence, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City. There is
no relocation available at this time. Telecommuting is not an option at this
time, though local telecommuting a few days a week are fine. We can not
sponsor visas at this time.

Send me a resume, CV, portfolio, whatever you've got.

Barbara Ballard
barbara at 1-785-838-3003

Design For Mobile 22-24 September

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