Migration from 800 to 1024 width

2 Sep 2008 - 8:31am
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Steve Schang

>> Nick said
>> Has anyone any experience of migrating from 800 to 1024? What are the
>> options? Big bang is one, or you could do all the headers and footers,
>> and do the content as you go along. What else? Section by section? Are
>> there any case studies, or objective assesments of user impact

We have been doing it section by section. First our homepage, then our
Checking and Savings sections. Initially we had some concerns about having
some pages 800 and others 1024. But in the end we felt it didn't matter to
have different page widths on the site. What was more important was to
keep consistent branding elements and global navigation elements on all
the pages. We were not able to do a big bang redesign.

In the usability lab no one ever commented on the different widths. That
made sense to me, user's probably don't care about the page width just
whether they can find what they are looking for.

Our redesigned pages performed much better in the lab and in production
than the old pages. The performance improvement had more to do with the
design of the page than the page widths.

Based on my experience I'd say use wider pages on a section by section
basis or even a page by page basis as long as the design of the wider page
is more effective than the narrow page design. Don't just make a wider
page to make a wider page.


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