JOB: Indianapolis: INTERACTION DESIGNER for boutique UX firm, cool clients + up/coming 'hood: UX recruiter (JWG)

16 Aug 2008 - 3:41pm
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Joanne Weaver

**Plea for help to the greater IxDA community: Please forward to your
Midwestern/Midwestern-minded friends---I could sure use your networking help
in our nation's breadbasket! thanks so much; referral bonus offered!**

Hi IxDA'ers---quite a mouthful of a subject line---but there's quite a bit
to squeeze in about this role..!

Ever daydream about moving out to a small town within a bigger town, in a
sleepy Midwestern slice of the world where life moves slower, the music
scene is fantastic + up + coming, the cost of living is dramatically lower,
and you could still have the opportunity to work on world-reknowned clients
(including one that creates the 2nd most downloaded widget on MySpace and
gets 18 million visitors per month)?

Even better, you could put your killer + UX skills to use within a
tight-knit family of likeminded people, working in a converted old
schoolhouse on applications and web experiences that are entirely
UX-centric, beautiful, smart and would serve as great portfolio fodder.

This may be your lucky day!

An 8 person firm in Irvington, Indiana (hip little subsidary of
Indianapolis, going through a major revitalization) is looking for an
INTERACTION DESIGNER with great UX + Design skills to join their happy team.

They did the redesign of (that super cool search/recommendation
engine + movie player on Netflix), which gets 18 million visits per month,
and is the 2nd most installed widget on MySpace.

Relocation assistance offered.


. Strong visual design skills

. Strong or growing interaction design skills

. Empathy for the end user

. Proficiency with Photoshop and Illustrator (Flash is not
required but is a plus)

. Understanding and enthusiasm for the latest in web-based design
and technology

. Desire to practice and hone the latest user experience

. Demonstrated skill applying user-centered design practices,
e.g., using ethnography data, user needs analysis, participatory design,
end-user observation data, and usability testing data to influence design

. Ability to rapidly sketch out user-flows with pencil and paper,
whiteboards or post-it notes

. Ability to develop interactive prototypes and documentation to
aid evaluation of designs for complex applications

. Excellent visual, verbal and written communication skills, with
the ability to effectively engage and convey ideas to technical and business
teams with passion and diplomacy


. Collaborate with clients, team members, and other stakeholders
to translate rough ideas and opportunities into clear concept models,
tangible prototypes, and elegant screen designs

. Be a champion for users' needs from requirements gathering
through solution definition, with wireframe mockups and detailed visual
design mockups

. Participate in the full design and development cycle to ensure
that creative innovations in user-centered design are faithfully delivered
to our clients

. Contribute to the continual refinement of our company design and
development process

please email joanne (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com

joanne at



Joanne Weaver


The Joanne Weaver Group

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+1 917 623 9369

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