JOB: NYC: 3 Information Architects for global, casual (!) investment research firm, UX recruiter (JWG)

16 Aug 2008 - 3:02pm
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Joanne Weaver

Privately-held firm specializing in knowledge management is looking for
THREE---count 'em 3!---midlevel IAs with 3+ years experience. Work with BIG
BRAINS in a bustling environment filled with subject matter experts (ie,
former CEOs of hedge funds and other heavy hitters in the government,
insurance, financial services, etc arenas).

I hear through the grapevine that anyone who interviews here *really* likes
this company and has high hopes that they'll get hired. You'd interview in a
suit/corporate clothes but once "in", it's a very casual, laid back
environment. They tend to like folks who have stayed in their previous roles
awhile; they dislike "jumpiness" on a if you're interested but
you've jumped around a bit, please be prepared to explain why. They love
long-goal oriented people.

Been around since '98, employs ~500 people globally: NYC, Boston, DC,
Chicago, Austin, SF, LA, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and

The role:


We are looking for a highly organized, proactive Information Architect with
solid experience in IA development, product requirements analysis, UI
documentation, prototyping and testing. The Information Architect will
report directly to the Design Director and will work on public facing,
intranet and extranet Web applications. A strong ability to work with
multiple business owners and on multiple projects is a must.

The Information Architect will:

. Collaborate with senior design staff and business owners on
workflow, UI requirements, prototypes, use cases and user profiles

. Ensure that functional requirements documents properly reflect a
projects' full page and screen inventory

. Ensure that functional requirements document properly reflect
each page or screen's functionality

. Create, maintain and update reference UI wire frames for all
pages and screens

. Create prototypes and help manage user testing

. Collaborate with senior design staff to insure proper execution
of interaction design

. Collaborate with QA staff to insure proper implementation of
features and functions

. Research, report on and test emerging interaction design methods
and implementation technologies

Expected Background

. Bachelor's degree or higher in Visual Design, Information
Architecture, Cognitive Interaction, or related field

. 3+ years of experience in business analysis and information

. Experience with Axure and Fireworks

. Strong experience with design process

. Very strong detail and process orientation

. Experience in an e-commerce, media, or start-up environment with
tight release cycles

. Intranet/extranet experience

. Ability to follow set standards and drive projects through to

interested? know someone who'd be great?

email me!

joanne (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com

joanne at

please pass along!

referral bonus offered



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