Improving Software UI Design & Specification

7 Aug 2008 - 10:00am
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Hi everybody!

Infragistics, the company I work for, is sponsoring some research (i.e.,
they've asked me to do it!) on understanding and improving software UI
design and specification.

To that end, I've been contacting folks I know individually, but
unfortunately I don't scale well, so I'd like to get more insight from you
briliant and experienced folks.

This survey<>is
another means to that end. Infragistics is offering six (6) $50 gift
cards from either American Express or (winner's choice) in a
drawing from everyone who fills out the survey completely.

Here is a direct link to the survey:

Please email me at ambrose [at] infragistics [dot] com if you have any
problems or questions.

Also, if you'd like to just chat about it one-on-one, that's great,
too--just let me know.



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