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12 Jul 2008 - 1:55am
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Matthew Zuckman

I can't personally speak to any research that shows usage rates of
specific links, but I do believe social links can be very effective.

As more users adopt aspects of the social net into their lives,
"email this item of interest to a friend" becomes less valuable
then "broadcast this item of interest to my network." Adding
sharing links to pages/content can be an effective way of spreading
content, building contextual relevance, and increasing natural search

Segmentation and other user research should give you an idea which
networks your users may have adopted, giving you a rationale by which
to prioritize. There are also services like AddThis (
that aggregate the many popular sharing tools into one button that
avoids a lot of clutter. As an added benefit, they include analytics
so that you can get some real usage data back.

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14 Jul 2008 - 1:28am
Sachin Ghodke

Hello Amy,

I think you are right that they have started to appear on practically
every site these days. But does it make sense? I think what is
important here is to map or put the relevant icons on the types of
sites that are existing. By this I mean, for example: on networking
sites only networking icons should be displayed, and so on. And more
over too many clicks to get there.

However, at times I feel they are quite a distraction and they always
discourage me to visit them. The reason I am discouraged is because I
know that I need to go through the process of registering on the site
and all that stuff. A smiple waste of time if that site is not related
to my interests.

These icons are probably another way to market website. These act as
"icon advertisements" as I would say (see, banner advertisements).
They are a good business tool but only if marketed well and as per my
thoughts in the first paragraph.

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