[EVENT] Designing for people who do not read easily: workshop in Liverpool, UK

10 Jul 2008 - 10:03am
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Caroline Jarrett

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DESIGN TO READ - Designing for people who do not read easily

A workshop at HCI 2008, Liverpool John Moores University, 2 September

Workshop website

How should we design for people who do not read easily?

Many people do not read easily. This might be because of an impairment
or disability, poor access to literacy or because English is not their
first language. In addition to reading the text itself, there are
often other barriers or obstructions to reading, often because of poor
design, layout or use of language.

The workshop aims to be initial and exploratory, appealing to a range
of academics, researchers and design practitioners who not only want
to share knowledge and experience but ultimately have the goal of
ensuring that our designs work well for everyone who does not read

TO PARTICIPATE, send your position papers to me
(caroline.jarrett at effortmark.co.uk)

Or feel welcome to ask me any questions about the workshop.

We'd like to get position papers or expressions of interest by this
Friday, 11th July 2008, so
that we can get acceptances out by Monday 21st July 2008, in time for
the early bird registration for HCI 2008. Note that registration for
the full conference is *not* required for attending the workshop, but
we thought that many people might want to do both.

Caroline Jarrett
caroline.jarrett at effortmark.co.uk
07990 570647

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