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7 Jul 2008 - 7:36am
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bcopello at ari...

I recently gave some advice to a young lady in NYC; interested in
pursuing a career as an Interaction Designer. This was admittedly
general and more limited to a nudge in a direction that would create an
avenue of information. I am not an Interaction Designer; I support a
consulting firm that engages Designers for long term project work.

She had hosts of questions; including questions about entry level
opportunities that might put her in a relevant environment while she
advanced her education with relevant course work.

The questions I would submit on her behalf would include: what are best
education courses to take; to build the right foundation, best places to
take them (preferably in NYC) and how best to present herself as novice
seeking to work in some entry level capacity; in a relevant environment;
to support an IA context and benefit from the exposure to professionals
currently engaged as an Interaction Designer...

Any insights or leads from our esteemed online contribtutors?

Thanks in advance...Bert at arelpartners.

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