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26 Jun 2008 - 5:31am
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laurie kalmanson

IDEA 2008 registration is open! Attend by registering or attend by getting your corp to be a sponsor and we will repay the favor by sponsoring you
The IA Institute is happy to announce the third annual IDEA Conference, IAI’s conference on designing complex information spaces of all kinds. IAI Members and groups receive excellent discounts. Join us in discussing and uncovering innovative and inspirational new ideas!
What: The IA Institute's third annual IDEA Conference
When: October 7-8, 2008
Where: Chicago, IL, at the historic Harold Washington Library Center
Why: Expansive. Energetic. Inspirational.
How: Register at
Preconference presented by Maya Design October 6, 2008
Throughout their days, people are engaging with complex information to manage their lives. Designers now realize that information isn't simply this stuff you find -- the appropriate presentation of information helps people make sense of the world around them.
The IDEA Conference addresses issues of design for an always-on, always-connected world. Where "cyberspace" is a meaningless term because the online and offline worlds cannot be made distinct. Where physical spaces are so complex that detailed wayfinding is necessary to navigate them. Where work processes have become so involved, and so digitized, that we need new processes to manage those processes.
Bringing together people who are addressing these challenges head on, the IDEA features speakers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss designing complex information spaces in the physical and virtual worlds.
Conference Website:
Speakers & Program:
Early Bird prices are available until Aug 17
IAI Student Member $250
IAI Member $350
Pricing for Groups of 5-8 members
IAI Student Members $200
IAI Members $300/ea
Non-Members $400/ea


26 Jun 2008 - 7:48am
Jef Lippiatt

I am interested but out of curiosity, if I decide to sign up to become
an IAI member soon would that give me the member price? how long is
the membership process?

Also, I am very interested in the conference. But if you could
explain in a bit more detail it would be appreciated. I lived in
Chicago for a while but I can't exactly recall where the Library is
that this event will be held. I imagine close to downtown?

With that said are there any hotels near the venue that will have
special rates for this, or a particular hotel for conference specific
socializing / after party activities? If so it would be beneficial to
know this kind of information in advance. I haven't had time to
scour the actual site yet, I just figured you might have more
insight. Thanks.

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