Opportunity to switch to academia and give back to HCI/IxDA community

24 Jun 2008 - 4:30am
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Bonnie E. John


If you've every thought that newcomers to HCI/IxDA could benefit from
your experience, perhaps you might consider directing the Masters in
HCI Program at Carnegie Mellon University. I've been doing it for 11
years and it's time for me to pass the baton and get back to more
research, so CMU is looking to hire a new Director. I can tell you that
our students and alumni are exciting, diverse, mature, smart as all
get-out, and generally wonderful people to be around. It's a job that
will keep surprising you and make you proud.

In general, ours is a professional masters program (on a path to
interdisciplinary work in industry, not into academic research), so we
are looking for an experienced professional to direct the program and a
PhD is not required. Although the department resides in the School of
Computer Science, many of our faculty come from backgrounds other than
CS (e.g., Design, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology) and we value
all HCI-relevant areas equally in the masters program. So don't let our
affiliation fool you, a CS degree is not required. We are especially
interested in someone who can teach Design classes, as we have both
required courses in Design and extremely popular electives that we would
like to expand. If you are an accomplished professional at a point where
you want to educate the next generation of HCIers, I encourage you to

You can find information about the job at
... information about the department at
... and information about the masters program at

We hope to hear from you,

Bonnie E. John
Professor and Director of the MHCI Program
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

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