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15 Jun 2008 - 7:00am
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A warm hello to all!

I need to design a rss aggregator for a news website. The users can
search by different types of content, and we'll provide them with a
set of feeds to choose from.
Once they choose, we were thinking of displaying the feeds in boxes,

I wanted some opinions on the experience a rss reader can offer.
I am comparing the netvibes model with the ubiquitous Google Reader,
and with this (far right)
that my client suggested.

I like netvibes. It provides me with an immersive reading experience.
I can choose between text mode (and it looks nice, unlike Google Reader)
and the actual website. The articles open up in a window that has a list on
left with all the articles in that feed.

Google reader is more user-centric than content-centric. You know
what I mean: I can view friends' feeds easily, I can quickly share and star
my articles... but I can't see all my titles in one glance.

I think it's about the features that stand out. Google services user sharing
... ...,
netvibes goes for content first.

Our project is both a news aggregator and a community portal, so both
approaches seem to fit. It would seem that the content would dominate,
but we also want to let users discover more content (hence the feed

At last,
My client suggested a netvibes approach, but with this kind of box.
I really hate the mouseover interaction, it's not intuitive enough. But
this is collateral.

Thank you.


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