[EVENT: IxDA-SF] What is design worth? Wed, June 25th

12 Jun 2008 - 5:04pm
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dani malik

Hello friends!

Our next event is a very exciting one indeed. We've put together a
panel of leading thinkers on the intersection of design and business,
to discuss how to convey the value of design to business stakeholders.
It's sure to be an enlightening and inspiring evening -- hope to see
you there!


-- the IxDA-SF team

What is Design Worth?
a panel on communicating design value to the business world

With the newfound emphasis in the business world on “design thinking”
and the value of innovation, designers are increasingly on the spot to
provide not just visual and interactive solutions, but also a
competitive edge for their companies. Designers are more frequently
involved -- and agitating for involvement in -- the strategic
decisions of a company and defining the trajectory of success.
However, with power comes responsibility, and designers must now
justify their solutions in not only in terms of customer objectives,
such as satisfaction and loyalty, but also in terms of business
objectives, such as increased revenue and ROI .

How do designers quantify or measure the outcome of good design? And
should they?

Our panel for this event features a number of leading professionals
poised at the intersection of business and design. We’ll discuss
design’s increasing influence in business, and how designers can
successfully interface with business stakeholders through "business
fluency": understanding the language and motivations of business.

Jess McMullin will be moderating the panel, with Nathan Shedroff,
Rajan Dev and Brandon Schauer sharing their viewpoints and experiences
bridging the divide between business and design.

This event is free and open to the public.
brought to you by IxDA-SF and Adobe Systems

about the panel

Jess McMullin is Principal at nForm, a user experience consultancy in
Edmonton, Canada. Jess regularly writes and speaks at conferences
about user experience, but has more recently sharpened his focus on
the intersection of business and design. He co-founded The Overlap, an
invitation-only conference on business and design, and writes
regularly on the subject at BplusD (http://www.bplusd.org)

Nathan Shedroff is a pioneer in the field of experience design,
speaking, teaching and writing extensively on the subject. Nathan
earned an MBA at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco in
Sustainable Business, and is now chair of the groundbreaking MBA in
Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts.

Rajan Dev is President of Hot Studios in San Francisco. In addition to
providing executive sponsorship of client engagements, he occasionally
works directly on client projects as a business consultant /
strategist, delivering business results through development of
measurable business strategies and operational plans. Rajan holds an
MBA from Columbia University.

Brandon Schauer is Experience Design Director at Adaptive Path in San
Francisco. Brandon holds two master-level degrees: he received a
Master of Design from the Institute of Design in Chicago where he
studied the planning, development, and management of innovation.
Concurrently, he graduated with a MBA from the Stuart School of
Business. Brandon is a past editor for the Institute of Design's
Perspectives on Design and Strategy, allowing him to pick-the-brains
of leaders in the fields of innovation, design, and strategy.


6:30 pm – Socializing with light refreshments and Hiring Salon
(employers/recruiters, bring job descriptions to share)
7:00 pm – Presentation


24 Jun 2008 - 9:53am
San Francisco IxDA

Just a quick reminder that our panel on business fluency for designers
is TOMORROW at Adobe. We have a great big space so let's pack the


Hope to see you there!
-IxDA SF team

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