JOB: Interaction Design, Austin Texas

12 Jun 2008 - 9:13am
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Jay Rogers

I'm tired of copying-and-pasting that boilerplate job description from HR...

We're an enterprise software company taking web-based software to the next level.  Our heroes are iphone, cooper, 37signals, adobe, tufte, ableton.  We're building a team to tackle User Centered Design in the face of agile development and going to the mat in the culture war for quality and design.

We're Vignette.  Content Management, Collaboration, Presentation technologies, Document Management, Workflow.  Our software is used by NASA, the Olympics, British Sky Broadcasting, ABCSports, Fox News, Martha Stewart, Bank of America, the IRS & Seagate to make amazing web presences.

I'm Jay Rogers, manager of the team.  Looking for some inspirational and cool folks to collaborate with.  We've got some amazingly complex problems to solve and make simple.
Contact me off the list if you want to know more or want to see the boilerplate job description.  I'm all ears.  Tell me your dream job.

p.s. we have a similar position open in Sydney, Australia, but I'm afraid we're only hiring folks *already* in Sydney.

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