Interaction Design and Experiential Factors, What do you think?

8 Jun 2008 - 12:21pm
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Musstanser Tinauli

The theme of this research is: IxD and Experiential Factors.

The considered experiential factors include (Learnability, usage, error and
feedback, Comfort, Collaboration, Affect, Guidance and support,
Accesability) . Depending on the kind of product some factors can become not
applicable .

The boundaries of IxD here are pretty much similar to those defined in Dan
saffer's IxD Relationship . We intend to device and experiment with a
strategy so that we are able to evalute interaction design.

We look into different categorial case studies (Games, Interactive Devices,
Virtual Platforms and hybrid platforms) with the focus on IxD and
Experiential factors . The evolving model (IxD and Experiential model) has
so far been applied to the following: Games, Digital pen and Paper and
eLearning platforms.

The idea is to observe these factors to understand better the model of IxD.
This can ultimately help to obtain a measure of IxD as whole. It can also
help us to understand the relationship between different activities in a
product and the product.

Looking forward to suggestions, critique and encouragement. The images can
be found at: /index.php?option=com _content &task=view
&id=24 &Itemid=35<>

PS: I will be happy to provide more information. I would be pleased to
provide more information and results.
Anxiously waiting for yours replies.

PhD candidate INDACO, Politecnico Di Milano
Interaction Designer cum IT Consultant @ Centro Metid, Italy.

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