LA-based Design Firm Recommendations?

2 Jun 2008 - 12:42pm
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chris destefano

Hello, (I'm new to the list, so here goes!)

I work for a small Los Angeles-based B2B company that is seeking an outside
agency to help us redesign and restructure our website, which we would like
to complete in 2009.

*Purpose of site:*
-- Corporate marketing tool (static content for "About us", executive bios,
news releases, details of our products and services, etc.).
-- Lead generation tool (register to participate in webinars, download white
papers, have a sales rep contact you for additional information, etc.)
(there are approximately 400 HTML pages total on the site)

*Why redesign?*
-- Frequently hear from customers it's unclear from our website who are are
and what we do
-- Content is organized according to organizational hierarchy, not user
need; Would like to better showcase our products and services
-- Look and feel is outdated and drab; does not reflect company's position
as industry leader with cutting edge technology
-- Publishing process is convoluted; does not permit easy updates

Can anyone here recommend some interactive firms we could work with? I
realize word of mouth is the best referral, so here's your chance! There is
preference that the firm be based in Los Angeles, or at least have an office
here (headquarters can be elsewhere). I have additional details spelled out,
but didn't want to bore you with all of the details! I'd be happy to share
additional information with anyone who replies to me directly.

thanks so much,

Christine Destefano
Online Communications Manager
cdestefano at
cdestefano at

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