Managing Change (Was: Iterative Change Management / Patriarchs of the Design Family)

27 Nov 2003 - 2:39pm
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CD Evans

Some very interesting contributions / reactions in this thread.

Just so that some people don't misunderstand my original intent, I
must admit that I'm a fan of the car as personal item. I just think
that the application of it has drastic implications, especially in
population intensive areas.

I think Peter's comment below on the ACM Statement of Ethics and to
encourage a similar prospect in our field as well is a good one. It's
such a new field that it might be very difficult to determine ethics
for ID.

Any suggestions for a Statement of Interaction Design Ethics or SIDE?

CD Evans

At 4:45 pm +0000 24/11/03, Peter Bagnall wrote:
>I must say, my opinion on this is we need to embrace the wider
>responsibilities or we'll end up with a world no-one wants to live
>in. So as other professions have ethical commitments we should too.
>I know a few related groups have started on this sort of thing. I
>think the ACM have a statement of ethics, but I suspect ours would
>be a little different, possibly broader.

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